Avant-Garde Restaurant

Reimagined Russian and South African traditions.


“Guests can expect a celebration of seasonal and sustainable produce focused on creatively diverse and thoughtful combinations of Russian and South African heritage. The result is a contemporary blend of recipes that are unexpected, textured, delicious and healthy”.

Michélle Theron, Executive Chef, Hazendal

Hazendal Wine Estate Cheff


Avant-Garde: Off-centre, forward looking, unconventional state of mind with respect for art, culture and society.

Avant-Garde pushes boundaries through its contemporary and creative interpretation of South African and Russian recipes and the fusion of these two cultures. With a focus on the quality of the ingredients, each creation is framed by Hazendal’s fine wines, in addition to labels from neighbouring wineries in the Bottelary region. The restaurant’s interior is complemented with a hand-painted mural ceiling, an exotic aquarium, full bar and views of the neighbouring wine cellar’s impressive stainless-steel tanks behind glass panels. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by South African and Russian traditional recipes with a globally inspired contemporary interpretation. Each dish focuses on seasonality, with fresh ingredients being prepared to create a feast for the senses. The menu changes frequently according to the availability of products and produce from local farmers. The use of food and wine as a means to share a story is evident in the restaurant’s menu.

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