Fancy a light bite on the move, rather than a sit-down meal? The Hazendal Food Truck parked up outside Wonderdal dishes up a concise menu of healthy and delicious dishes for you to order, grab and go.


The Hazendal Food Truck menu is focused on flavour-packed food that can be enjoyed on the go: think pulled-pork bao with an umami-rich glaze and Asian slaw, or the famous black sourdough pita generously filled with fresh falafel and salad. The Food Truck adds a decidedly playful element to Hazendal’s culinary offering.

Take a seat

With your tasty meal in hand you’re free to roam and seek out a quiet spot to enjoy your Food Truck feast.

You’ll find ample seating areas available near the golf course, or else find a shady spot on the lawns of the historic Werf.