Our Team

Diverse stories, a united vision.

The Hazendal team is a diverse workforce with an equally diverse blend of talents. We come from different cultures, have different upbringings and each of us has a different idea, perspective and experience. We celebrate these differences as we believe that truly great ideas are born out of collective thinking. And while we appreciate what makes each of us unique, we also recognise that we are united by the common vision to “create beautiful shared experiences”.

We are a team that knows how to work hard and relax well. This spirit of energy and enthusiasm is manifest throughout Hazendal. It’s a sense of optimism, vision, connectedness and a genuine commitment to celebrating the many joys of life.


Our mission is to create and provide customers with a Winelands experience like no other. To achieve this:

  • We think creatively and out of the box, and try to do things differently;
  • We have the customer in mind in whatever we do; and
  • We do not compromise on the quality of our products, offerings and service.


Our vision is to:

  • Establish a sustainable wine destination that respects its heritage and history, celebrates its present and constantly looking into the future;
  • Create a workspace that our employees will be proud to be part of; and
  • Empower, through our business success, our people and local community.