Living with awareness

Hazendal is committed to treading as lightly as possible on their little corner of the planet. As such, the farm has installed solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and carefully manage the property’s entire water cycle. Hazendal sources water from a borehole and treat effluent and wastewater before feeding it into the lake, which is then used for irrigation. Every drop is valued.

In terms of Hazendal’s products and packaging, great care has gone into selecting materials that are biodegradable and/or come from sustainable natural sources. This policy of being mindful of the planet is an estate-wide policy, which is why napery isn’t used in the restaurants and waste is deliberately minimised.

Hazendal also has an on-site refuse centre in which glass, paper, plastic and perishable waste is recycled.


Hazendal is blessed with a rich natural heritage. To safeguard this treasure, significant investment has been made into the rehabilitation of the wetland that lies on the property, which forms an integral part of the greater eco-system. Hazendal wants everyone to feel welcome at the estate and this extends to threatened birds and floral species too.


Hazendal’s vision is to provide exceptional experiences to visitors, enabled by a happy staff complement who hail from the local community.

Each member of staff is greatly valued. Via skills training and fair employment practices, Hazendal seeks to contribute to the social upliftment of the people of the estate and their families.

Hazendal offers fully serviced and renovated accommodation for over 40 residents and a fully equipped after-school village crèche in which 15 children can spend their afternoons in a safe, learning and play-conducive space under the supervision of a caretaker.