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The Russian Tea Garden

A time-honoured ritual. A contemporary expression.

Enjoy a traditional Russian Tea Ceremony under the canopy of historic oak trees in Hazendal’s beautiful Russian Tea Garden.

The ceremony not only offers a glimpse into Russian culture, it is also a treasured household ritual that recognises the importance of idle talk between the old and the young of topics great and small.

As part of the ceremony, a strong Russian black tea blend is served from a traditional Russian teapot and mixed with hot water poured from a steaming Samovar (a traditional Russian tea urn). The menu consists of traditional Russian tea recipes interpreted in a modern way.

Younger guests will also be able to please their palates with a specially designed children’s tea menu.

Hazendal’s Russian Tea Ceremony is a visually rich experience that breathes new life into an age-old tradition. The ceremony is a wonderful way to slow the pace of life and to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, kitchen teas, baby shower parties, or just a family day out.

The Russian Tea Garden also welcomes walk-in guests who can enjoy salads, charcuterie platters and cheese platters from the Garden Menu.