With expert coaches, dedicated coaching studios and state-of-the-art technology, the Hazendal Golf together with Pure Motion offers a range of structured programmes to help junior and adult players perfect their game, correct their swing or, simply, learn to play and enjoy the game of golf.

Training tomorrow’s talent

At Hazendal Golf Academy we are passionate about developing South Africa’s young golfing talent. Our range of structured programmes, aimed at training Bunnies (4-6 years) and Youth (7-17 years), through group sessions and individual coaching, both in-studio and out on the course, will help to hone their game and build a strong foundation for a bright future in the world of golf.

Coaching studios

At the heart of the Hazendal Golf Academy are our two professionally equipped coaching studios. These spacious inter-leading studios, have been thoughtfully and strategically designed to cater for private and focused training sessions, exclusive corporate group sessions and professional club fitting. Both studios  are fitted with a world leader in golf coaching technology, V1 Pro video analysis software, V1 pressure mats, high-speed cameras filming from front on and down the line, and FlightScope launch monitors.