This unique exhibition space within the beauty of the Cape vines offers the latitude for emerging artists, creative collaborations, and a glimpse into the Eastern European culture.

Contemporary artworks rub shoulders with the owners’ extensive private collections and sculptures. Visitors will encounter artworks throughout the farm such as in the Homestead, which boasts Cape Dutch Style influences, and South African Master Artists such as Pierneef, Tretchikoff, and George Pemba, as well as prominent South African sculptors found throughout the gardens such as Angus Taylor, Guy du Toit, and Strijdom Van der Merwe.

Art Walk

The Marvol Gallery art walk begins with a dive into the rich history of Hazendal Wine Estate and then highlights the artworks, many of which are scattered across the farm. There are South African masters and Soviet realists, landscape sculptures and original Cape Dutch furniture, and of course contemporary artists to be discovered with the Marvol Gallery team.

Every Thursday at 11:00 for walk-ins
(No booking required)
Approximately 45 minutes
Alternative dates and times can be booked 24 hours in advance
Cost: R60 per person


Derek Drake | Revisited | A Retrospective
26th May 2024- current

The Image as Memory

Derek Drake Revisited is a retrospective exhibition celebrating the life and legacy of Derek Drake (1933 – 2023). Immigrating from the UK to Africa as a young man, Drake was captivated by the continent’s colors, patterns, contours, and cultures, which profoundly influenced his work. Settling in Cape Town, he explored various creative productions, with a significant period spent in an art studio in District Six. There, he felt a sense of belonging and captured the community’s spirit in his paintings. Distressed by the destruction of District Six under the Group Areas Act, Drake used his art to protest and preserve its memory.

Later, Drake’s fascination with Jungian philosophy led him to embrace abstraction, aligning with Abstract Expressionist artists. Despite gradually losing his eyesight, he continued to create, expressing his anguish and struggles on canvas, particularly after the loss of his son.

This exhibition revisits Derek Drake’s artistic journey, showcasing how art can awaken memories of places destroyed and people forgotten.

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