This unique exhibition space within the beauty of the Cape vines offers the latitude for emerging artists, creative collaborations, and a glimpse into the Eastern European culture.

Contemporary artworks rub shoulders with the owners’ extensive private collections and sculptures. Visitors will encounter artworks throughout the farm such as in the Homestead, which boasts Cape Dutch Style influences, and South African Master Artists such as Pierneef, Tretchikoff, and George Pemba, as well as prominent South African sculptors found throughout the gardens such as Angus Taylor, Guy du Toit, and Strijdom Van der Merwe.

Art Walk

The Marvol Gallery art walk begins with a dive into the rich history of Hazendal Wine Estate and then highlights the artworks, many of which are scattered across the farm. There are South African masters and Soviet realists, landscape sculptures and original Cape Dutch furniture, and of course contemporary artists to be discovered with the Marvol Gallery team.

Every Thursday at 11:00 for walk-ins
(No booking required)
Approximately 45 minutes
Alternative dates and times can be booked 24 hours in advance
Cost: R60 per person


5th February 2024- current.

Marvol Gallery presents, Metamorphosis, a group exhibition for recent graduates as they prepare to embark on their artistic journey beyond the walls of academia, breaking free from the cocoon of pedagogical art practice to take flight into the wider art world. Metamorphosis is a celebration of the process of change, growth, and self-discovery inherent in the transformation from student to professional artist. A dynamic range of mediums, styles, and concepts are presented here, from paintings that capture the tumultuous emotions of youth; to sculptures that symbolize the journey of self-realization and becoming. Years of careful study of the brush, the chisel, and the compositional frame have yielded methods of art-making distinct to each individual, brought to fruition in the works on display in this exhibition. The exhibition aims to open a new chapter in the lives of these emerging artists, showcasing their metamorphosis and the ‘becoming’ of their art practice.

Featured Artists:
Anita Shunmugam | Danielle Du Plooy | Edinah Chagwedera | Katherine Joubert | Kate Powrie | Leah Rachel Hawker | Mbulelo Lokoto | Tayla Jade Kapp

Past Exhibitions


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