As one of the oldest estates in the Bottelary Hills, Hazendal boasts a long tradition of winemaking excellence, crafting wines that truly express the coastal terroir of this unique corner of South Africa’s winelands.  


Christoffel Hazenwinkel Range

A trio of wines crafted for everyday enjoyment, the Christoffel Hazenwinkel range is an ideal introduction to Hazendal. The name pays tribute to the pioneer who founded Hazendal in 1699, Christoffel Hazenwinkel who,  noting the abundance of Cape hares in the area, and perhaps seeking to leave his legacy on the landscape, Hazenwinkel named his new farm Hazendal; Dutch for ‘Valley of the Hares’.  Our award winning Christoffel range is an ideal introduction to our wines, enjoyed by both novices and connoisseurs. 

Hazendal Estate Range

 The wines of the flagship Hazendal Range are focused on fruit character and terroir expression. Sophisticated and complex, these are wines crafted for connoisseurs. Eye-catching in their opulence, the embossed golden labels bear the visage of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. The terroir of the Bottelary Hills is defined by diversity, the ridge of hills offering an enormous variety of aspect, altitude, soil and microclimate, all influenced by coastal winds sweeping in off False Bay and the open Atlantic Ocean nearby. This complex terroir is encapsulated in each and every bottle of Hazendal wine. 

Limited Releases

Complementing the permanent portfolio is a focused range of Limited Releases, including our the 23.5 MCC, so named after the precise rotation of the earth’s axis that allows our blue orb its seasons- a celebratory MCC for every season and occasion. The single-varietal Carignan saw its maiden vintage in 2020 and only 1500 bottles of this varietal are available. 

From vine to wine

With enormous attention given to the vineyards, Hazendal’s winemaker and viticulturist ClarisSciocatti-Langeveldt follows a minimalist approach in the cellar: “I don’t want to over-work the grapes in the cellar, but rather allow the fruit and terroir to shine through.” Clarise joined the Hazendal team in 2016 and set about replanting the vineyards and bringing a radical passionate. expertise to crafting boutique wines. Along with state-of-the-art cellar equipment and meticulous vineyard attention, Hazendal’s wines continue to shine and rake in awards.